Whether our clients are just starting out, in the thick of implementation, or looking back on a program, we work with them to identify the critical outcomes they aim to achieve. We use proven methods to validate the strategic approach of our clients’ programs and to identify opportunities to optimize design and execution.

Evaluation is critical to organizational and programmatic success. By allowing a step back from the day to day, evaluation offers a view of the work in a big picture, strategic context. The methods we use, whether qualitative surveys and interviews or quantitative analysis, ground theory and practice in a rigorous analytic framework, illuminating whether, and how, the activities underway are delivering on stated goals.

Naomi has supported us as we develop and expand our programs to pinpoint what’s working best and what may benefit from adjustment. Her strategic insight, targeted questions, and comprehensive understanding of the clean energy and climate world, not just here in Boston but throughout the Northeast, enable Naomi to guide, facilitate, and challenge us to work as efficiently and proficiently as possible to achieve increasingly transformative goals. We value the relationship we have had with Naomi and will continue to look to her to crisply assess where we’ve been, where we are, and where we might go.
— Deputy Director, MAPC

We partnered with Naomi to develop, test, and evaluate learning objectives for a series of training sessions that covered highly technical content through a hands-on approach. As an independent evaluator, Naomi was an invaluable asset to the team, providing insight on short term improvements and provoking deeper reflection on how the trainings’ successes could be applied to future programming.
— President, Sparhawk Group