Our firm is passionate about and experienced in multi-partner collaboration. We help our clients form and facilitate networks and multidisciplinary coalitions focused on solutions. Our services also include planning and facilitating strategic retreats for our clients’ boards, departments, or organizations. 

Key to any facilitation is clarity regarding the goals of a retreat or engagement before planning for the agenda or process begins. We work one-on-one with our clients to determine goals and ideal outcomes. We mix presentations, small-group work, and full-group facilitation to ensure active participation. Naomi is an experienced and assertive facilitator with proven abilities to engender focus and cut off unhelpful digressions while retaining a fast-paced, highly participatory session. 

Naomi is very skilled at consensus building – she is able to work with a diverse group to create a work product that all participants can be proud of.  It is a pleasure to work with Naomi.
— Jodi Hanover, Rich May P.C.

Naomi succeeded in coordinating six independent organizations to reach a  common vision and joint action plan during our half day retreat - a testament to her great facilitation.
— CEO, Healthy Building Network