Naomi Mermin Consulting, LLC, works to build and rebuild communities by incorporating the best science and design to support a healthy world. We work with developers, public officials, and non-government groups to develop policies and strategies focused on issues related to healthy homes, green building, healthy communities/smart growth, sustainable development, and climate change.


The passion that fills our work is bringing the balance, beauty and economy of the natural world into our daily lives. We don’t believe in the false choices of economy or environment, wilderness or city. Rather, we believe we have the ingenuity and tools to create beautiful, healthy, life-affirming spaces that are environmentally, emotionally and economically sustaining, sustainable, and satisfying. This includes homes, yards, streets, neighborhoods, civic structures, entire cities, towns and regions designed intentionally to support healthy communities and bring environmental balance in terms of energy conservation and minimization of pollution.

Thoughtful planning, strategic action and targeted investment by individuals, organizations, and governments can yield a future environmental and economic prosperity, supported by engaged citizens and active communities.

Our work supports the preservation of the qualities in our environment that are beautiful and healthy. We look to balance resource use and human health.